Luntivo is an AMM-powered DEX that facilitates token exchanges, staking, and yield farming. In exchange for staking tokens in protocol liquidity pools, users receive LP tokens that they can farm to earn rewards in the form of the platform’s native utility and governance token. The native token of the Luntivo Platform is LVTN which is tradeable on many other public DEXs.

Features of the Luntivo DEX

Lending Markets

Provision of Isolated Lending markets and very elastic trading rates.

Staking and Governance

Governance is controlled by a proof-of-stake system and is completely decentralized.

Yield Farming

Get the best of both worlds when you decide to farm yields with Luntivo.


Why Trade on Luntivo DEX?

We are a new type of Decentralized Exchange built on the Terra blockchain providing new features not available on other DEX, and also we provide security of participant funds and trading funds for selected tokens top protect users from the risks of common cryptocurrency scams like rug pulls.

Secured Asset Funds for Users (SAFU)*

This feature is only available for select tokens on the DEX (e.g. LTVN). We maintain this fund to ensure there is enough liquidity for partakers in cases of illiquidity, cyber hacks, rug pull and other irregular activities.

Trustless Exchange

On Luntivo DEX, parties can trade verified tokens without fear of trading cloned tokens as tokens undergo a very thorough vetting process to provide the best possible value for all parties involved.

AMM-Powered DEX

Just like other DEXs, Luntivo Finance DEX is an AMM-powered DEx. The algorithm controls the provision of liquidity on different tokens to provide the best experience and price for everyone involved.

Import LTVN token using the token address below


Common DEX Challenges

DEXs are a revolution in the field of cryptocurrency trading and exchanging but most Decentralized Exchanges are susceptible to common problems.

Low Liquidity

One of the reasons why users prefer a centralized exchange over a DEX is the provision of a greater liquidity pool, choice of instruments, currency pairs, and order types. Decentralized exchanges usually have lower liquidity than centralized platforms because they are new and have low liquidity, yet paradoxically must attract new users to generate more liquidity.

Limited Features

Due to decentralized exchanges only recently becoming operable, they tend to focus on executing simple buy and sell orders. Users may find advanced trading functions such as stop losses, margin trading, and lending are unavailable on most DEXs. Very few decentralized exchanges offer features like Yield farming, lending and futures trading in one app.

Scaling Issues

DEXs have suffered from the same network congestion issues relating to scalability issues as their underlying blockchain networks like Solana. Most blockchains were built to function securely at a smaller scale before scaling solutions were later implemented and this has been a drawback to advanced

Lack of Security

Security of funds is one of the features that make centralized exchanges very popular and has been a major drawback to the adoption of Decentralized exchanges.

Luntivo Solutions

We have created the Luntivo DEX to solve many of the common challenges faced by DEXs


Luntivo makes sure that tokens and their owners provide sufficient liquidity before being added to the DEX. This is to make sure there are no rogue actors in the ecosystem.

Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU)

We maintain this fund to ensure there is enough liquidity for partakers in cases of illiquidity, cyber hacks, rug pull and other irregular activities.

Additional Features

Luntivo V2 provides additional features like yield farming, borrowing, lending, and staking.


Luntivo solves the issues of scalability by building on the Terra blockchain. The Terra blockchain is built on the Cosmos SDK and utilizes Rust Programming Language which is a type-safe Language to enable additional features and solve scalability.

Our Products

Luntivo has 2 projects in the works and they include our platform token, LTVN, which can be used to earn rewards on the DEX and our Decentralized exchange which can be used to trade different tokens on the Terra blockchain.

Luntivo Presale/ICO Information

Information about our Presale/Intial Coin Offering

ICO Information

Presale/ICO Starts 8th, February, 12:00 GMT
Presale/ICO Ends 28, March, 2022 12:00 GMT
Presale has been extended to enable the team meet the Soft cap target
Total Token Supply 100,000,000
Tokens Allocated for Presale/ICO 20,000,000
Soft Cap $500K
Token Value 1 UST = 40 LTVN
Accepted UST, LUNA

Token Sale Stage End In

Raised so far $120,690
Soft Cap $500k
Hard Cap $4.5m
Buy LTVN NowMinimum Purchase: 3 LUNA
Airdrop Bonus
Ends at 6 Feb, 2022
Airdrop Start
Start at 2nd, February, 2022


Documentation about the Luntivo DEX, Protocol,and LTVN


Read the Whitepaper

The Luntivo whitepaper outlines the implementation of the Luntivo protocol, and DEX. It also outlines the problems and challenges solved by the DEX.

The Luntivo

The Luntivo DEX is an advanced DEX built on the Terra blockchain.

Luntivo Roadmap

Major Milestones

Q1Concept development

Presale/Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Airdrop for publicity and Outreach, Metaverse Integration, and Launch of DEX

Q2API Integration, Addition of Yield Farms and Collaterized loans.
Q3Addition of Cross-Chain Bridges & Wallet
Q4Additional Features

Luntivo Finance Media

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Here are answers to some common enquiries

What is Luntivo?

Luntivo is a DEX built on the Terra blockchain to advance the future of money. It grants users total freedom to exchange and trade any way they want without the typical restrictions provided by other exchanges.

LTVN is the native token of the Luntivo Platform. It can be used to purchase other tokens, stake and set up yield farms, earn rewards and perform diverse activities on the Luntivo DEX.

How can I participate in the ICO Token sale?

Click on the "Join ICO" button, fill in the amount of UST you want to exchange for LTVN and click on "Buy ICO" button, this will take you to "https://buy.luntivo.finance". Connect your wallet and enter the amount you want to buy. Input the amount of UST you want to invest and click on "Proceed". This will open a window in your wallet app, grant authorization to the app to carry out the transaction. Tokens won't appear on your wallet if they are not listed so you have to click on "Add Tokens" on your wallet and enter the token address to get it to start showing in your wallet. Address: terra1ykl7ee0dakfev97ektynnup8hscyuhc9kly9k4

Typically, participants can purchase tokens built on the Terra blockchain and and tokens that follow the CW-20 specifications. If you can't find the token you are looking for, consider starting a pool for it and earn LTVN.

An ICO is typically the best time to buy into or support a project as tokens are usually cheaper than market prices. This will be the case for LTVN.